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Not the best day

Today was the Order of the Arrow Conclave out on Coast Guard Island. I've been trying to get to one for four years, this was going to be it. Then Adam scheduled his Eagle Project for this weekend. I've promised all our Scouts that I will help with their projects, when the time comes. Ah, well, next year. I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. Crap.

So, Adam's project was pulling old fence posts and bobwire out in the Morgan Territories south of Mount Diablo. It would have been a snap job, except that previous Eagle Scout projects had already cleared off all the flat places. This was down a 200yard slope that was covered with leaf duff, too steep and too light to walk on. Lots of sliding, lots of falls, lots of slips, and this while we're trying to deal with three strands of rusty bobwire. I was working so hard just getting up and down the damn hills, there wasn't much left for getting anything done to help. So, after the lunch break, me and Adam's grandpa sat at the top of the hill watching the others work. I do not care for this. I won't be going out to help tomorrow, there's no sense going if you can't contribute.

On the other hand, we went to The Hick'ry Pit for barbecue, at last. Their prices have gone up, but their portions are still giahugic. Mmmm.
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