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A long week down

It's been another heavy week at the bread and butter farm.

The scope of our jobs just keeps increasing, and the time, resources, and people available don't. My nominal job is to keep computers running, and to field help desk calls that fall into my area of expertise. This is pretty much full time work. Add to that:

- monitor the help desk call list to see if there are any calls that I might be able to help with, as well as the ones routed to me

- monitor the database of system security reports

- monitor the database of system load activity report

- monitor the database of operating-system security patch reports

- monitor the three web sites that collect the data from all the other databases

- since people have been know to do stupid things to the databases, continuously review all the data on the systems than I nominally 'own' in all of those databases, to make sure they're up to date

- prepare for the monthly security attack squad that looks for any security flaw on any system; if one is found, the nominal system 'owner' hears about it from four distinct levels of management, regardless of what the flaw was, or if one of the databases was screwed up by someone else's action, or even if there was never a flaw in the system, but the security squad had a false positive test

- Implement a system activity agent system that sends reports off to another data collection system. The local agent takes up about 600MB - 1 GB disk space. If a system does not have enough disk space (and a lot of eight and ten year old systems don't), too bad, make it fit. What they're not telling us is that we are the alpha testers for a future commercial product, and they have release deadlines that we're being pressured to meet, which we're not supposed to know about

- Reduce energy consumption in the server labs by any means that don't actually require spending money, and report weekly on your progress.

F* this noise. Sorry.

Oh, and to add to the high pleasure level: after three or four years of effort,a major new release of the database product was sent to press today. The developers who worked on it at other sites were given half-days or full days off. We got called together for a meeting in which we were congratulated, given an ice-cream bar (which made it a party, don't you know), and then sent back to work.

F* this noise. Ready for some weekend. May not get a lot done, but at least it's home.

Happy Mother's Day to the woman who gave me the other 2/3s of the people I love most!
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