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"On my best days, I'm marginal"

OK, a better day than yesterday, if only because to be worse, it would have to involve self-mutilation.

Back to a more-or-less normal schedule for a few days, then it's off to Sonora for another Faire.  Should be good.

Starting from ground zero on the compiler build.  Got the most basic tools built OK, now working on the tools that required those tools; when  those are done, we'll start again on the compiler itself. 

Bogar had a large (penny-sized) growth removed from his right ear.  He came home with an E-collar that could have received messages from Cassini-Huygens.  It 's bigger than the door to his kennel, so Mom decided we could all sleep on  the bed together.  She spent the first half of the night with a beagle's muzzle in her back, I spent the second half with a beagle's head on my stomach or hips.  At least he got a good night's sleep out of it.  Today he's tearing around the place like a winged monkey, so he's obviously not in a lot of pain.

Kate's off at Parent Night, TJ is tutoring in Oakland and will be calling for pickup sometime soon.  Just me and me beagle and LiveJournal to pass the time away...
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