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It can't be Sunday night, I still have weekend stuff to do!

Well, I can't exactly say I'm rested and recharged for the week, because there are way too many things I wanted to get done that aren't. But we

- did Mothers Day, if not in royal style, at least emphatically;
- got the new light fixtures, so we can call the electrician back and get the work done so my computer doesn't lose power on no notice;
- put up an undercounter kitchen light that My Wife has wanted for months but was too polite to nag about;
- did proof-of-concept work on the sword scabbard for the clan
- took the hounds out to The Boy's college for some urgent fuzz therapy (Buddy kept jumping back into the car, the coward)
- got my gym time in, and some dogwalking

This week:

Monday: Eagle Scout Board walkthrough for Wes
Tuesday: prep for Wednesday, because
Wednesday: teach Paddlesports Awareness training for adult leaders. I have the horrible suspicion they're trying to set me up to be course director next year.
Thursday: Reply to correspondence about the Aquatics Program and the Path of the Paddle canoeing/kayaking program
Friday: gear up for the weekend
Saturday: Should be doing Livermore Games but can't, so will work on all the other stuff
Sunday: Eagle Court of Honor for JC
Monday: teach knife/axe/saw safety
Tuesday: for-real Eagle Scout Board for Adam.

Oh, and work for a living. No crises, please, the schedule is full. Oh, well, it's better than being bored!
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