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made it

Made it through the week. My desk and my truck and my garage are full of things that are right where I dropped them so I could run and do the Next Thing. But all the Next Things that absolutely had to get done by tonight are done. Whew. Now it's just the stuff that needs to be done, and then the stuff that ought to be done, and I might get to the stuff that I want to get done. I've got two NLCTC cartoons that have to get out before they go bad and stink up the back of my head.

Actually got a lot of useful stuff done at work this week, because a major company security certificate expired, and during the three days it took to get it working again, I didn't have to deal with databases, and could take care of sick machines. Yay for serendipitous system outages.

Tomorrow and Sunday will be full, but they'll be full of stuff at home. Sunday PM is an Eagle Court of Honor. I have one or two lines in the ceremony, which looks like the kid is being made a 45th Degree Mason or something. The ceremony will be at a local Country Club, so I look forward to an interesting afternoon.

We dropped off stuff for the Clan that's needed at the Livermore Highland Games. I am very glad we had to cancel out, partly because I hate standing around in 100 degree heat, but mostly because it means Kate will not have to deal with Richard. The man is a size ten ego in a size three soul, and he seems to have made it a personal goal to make Kate upset every time he sees her. Good riddance, I hope his kilt rides up and he gets sunburns.

One other Scout going for his Eagle Board of Review on Tuesday. Would have been two, but one Scout just can't all his paper together in time, and doesn't want to do a sloppy job. He's going to Annapolis next month to spend a week as a guest at the Naval Academy. If he decides to go, he's going to be one hell of a captain some day. You heard it here first.

And My Son comes home from college Thursday!
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