sleepyjohn00 (sleepyjohn00) wrote,

Two weeks later..

We spent the past weekend in Boulder, visiting The Girl and seeing the sights and visiting The Girl and eating and visiting The Girl, etc. She moved into our Days Inn room for the weekend so she wouldn't miss any time with us. She is Teh Sweetheart. I've missed her a lot since she left, and I'm very, very proud of the life she's building.

Tuesday: turned out some webcomic friends were in the neighborhood, so I took a long (i.e. > 20 minutes) lunch at Max's in Oakland with The Old Wolf, the Panda, and a new friend who volunteers at the Chabot Space and Science center. They're good people.

On The Other Hand: three ten-hour work days since I got back; today, I had to bite the bullet and do a complete OS reload of my laptop, which meant being 99% out of commission for getting any work done for most of the day. And the backups of six years of Lotus Notes databases aren't coming back. We are way big not amused with that.

I'm hoping to at least catch my breath this weekend.

Added note: Poppy has a world-class case of Greyhound Gas. A unicorn with apples isn't even *close*. And she wants to sit as close to me as she can. I may start buying incense.
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