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I could have told them that. So could Jay...

So. My Wife is back from Austin, having survived American Airlines twice. She has quit the AA preferred member program, and cancelled all the credit cards that were building up AA mileage. Hell hath no fury like a woman whose flight was cancelled by an airline that was perfectly happy to leave her stranded in Dallas.

Sunday, I leave for Boy Scout Camp with sixteen boys, three other leaders, and a parent I don't know from a bag of bleached grits. I know the older boys, and I will bet cash that they each plan to 'work' on one merit badge, and spend the rest of the week sitting on their asses playing cards. The last time I did this, I had Emperor Palpataine for a Senior Patrol Leader; this time, we have a Scout who is literally afraid to raise his voice. Maybe this is my last time for this stuff. Anyway. Last update for at least a week.

Took My Wife and My Son to Scott's Seafood for our 26th anniversary dinner. They took our picture, and gave it to us in a little paper frame that says "Happy Birthday". Someone, somewhere, missed the memo. But they also gave Kate a red rose, so I forgive them.
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