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One week in the Mountains

Returned yesterday from a week with the Troop up at Camp Wolfeboro (near Bear Valley in the Sierras).

Possibly one of the most successful Scouting events I've been on in years. NO prima donnas, NO slackers, NO boys resenting being sent to camp so that Mom and Dad could have a week of cheap baby-sitting. The older Scouts, some of whom I had given up on, pulled together and did a great job of NOT sitting on their asses. The younger Scouts were like puppies in a shoe store, there wasn't anything they weren't excited about trying. The food was as good as camp food ever gets; hot, decent, plentiful, on time, an adequate salad bar. The other three adults along worked well together; the two new dads wanted to learn, and the Scoutmaster had things pretty well under control.

One of the first year Scouts just plain gave up on Wednesday. He got a care package from home just before all the first-years were to set out for the big hike (2 miles) to the overnight-under-=the-stars camp. He got homesick. At least six different adults, all the other first-years, and some of the older Scouts tried to talk him out of it, but he curled into himself like an oyster and wouldn't come out. I couldn't pick him up and throw him bodily out of camp and onto the trail. And when all the other kids passed our camp and left him behind, that was pretty much it for him. When the other first-years came back, they had bonded together, and he was on the outside. He tried to spend the next two days sitting in his chair by the fire circle, but we wouldn't let him. His dad is a big, bluff, hearty guy; I don't know how he's going to react to his son dropping out like that. Dangit. Sometimes, all you can do just isn't enough.

I missed packing a cable for my battery-powered CPAP machine, and I had packed a lightweight Thermarest mattress instead of a big thick one, to save on weight. Between not being able to breathe, and having more weight on the mattress than it could really cushion, I got about four or five hours of sleep per night. With all the walking (2/3 mile to the dining hall) and all the getting up and down needed, my knee felt like it was being hammered. I'm glad this camp went so well, because I don't know if I can do this again.
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