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Observing the species

There's an AT&T store at the corner of the building I work at. This morning, when I got off the train at 6 AM, there were a dozen people standing around on the corner. Well, this is not all that unusual in San Francisco, but I thought they were too uncoordinated for a tour group and too well dressed to be homeless.

When Jerry and I went out for our 9 AM refreshment, there were about fifty people outside the store. Jerry observed that they were waiting to buy a G3 iPhone, and he had heard the people in the store announce that they only had 100 phones. Ten minutes later, the line had doubled. I shudder to think what the block around the downtown Apple store must have looked like.

I guess I'm a technoslack. It would be nice to have one, but going through all the crap just to say you got one on the first day just doesn't seem worthwhile to me. Of course, I'm typing this on the little old iMac that used to belong to my Mom.

Dunsmuir weekend. If I find out that the guild let Richard harass my wife again, I am going to be very angry with them. I know I wouldn't be able to persuade her to leave, but I will certainly make sure any unhappiness on her part will be widely shared.

The plastic surgeon is pleased with the lip's healing at this point, and doesn't need to see it again until the one-year anniversary. One bright point, heading into the weekend.

Let the weekend begin.
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