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enough green

A year ago, The Company decreed 'Think Fridays'. We are supposed to NOT have meetings on Fridays, so that we can think about new and innovative ideas.

Today is Friday. I have just finished my third one-hour meeting in a row. All three meetings focus on power management and 'greening' the serer labs. Most of the people in these meetings have been the same people, with a few managers shuttling in for 'their' meetings. The last half-hour has been three people in the Silicon Valley Lab arguing about power management for their several thousand servers, and whose power figures we're going to believe because no one project's numbers match any other project's numbers.

My brain has shut down. I no longer wish to live. In spite of my trainer's admonitions about healthy eating, I am going to McDonalds for lunch, in the hope that I will surpass some critical number for cholesterol, and expire face-down in a bag of French fries.
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