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week excuse

Last night, I worked up a bunch of changes to the script for our guild's MacBeth gig at Golden Gate Ren Faire, and sent it back to My Wife, so she could assign parts and reformat the scenes to work around the next bunch of people who are no-shows. Went to bed while she was working on it. Woke up about 1.5 hours later to find a VERY unhappy Wife stressed out and unable to sleep. She had opened the attachment I had sent, made all the changes, saved the file, then went back to work on it again and could only find the version from a month ago. So she re-opened the attachment, made the changes again, and saved the file; same thing.

After about an hour of searching, found the file in the FireFox temp files directory; when you work directly on the attachment instead of downloading it first, the working copy only exists in the cache directory, and not out where normal people can find it.

So, started the week on a 12:30 AM Win. Going to face Monday's staff meeting, lunch meeting, trainer session, and Eagle Board on four hours of sleep. Worth it.

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