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fire and pointy things

For some reason that I may never find out, the new Scout patrol decided to have a foil-dinner cookout instead of a regular troop meeting last night.

To cook over charcoal, the charcoal has to be started about an hour before you plan on cooking. All the other adult leaders are either AWOL, or running merit badge meetings. So, who gets to get to the meeting an hour early to help get the fire started? Got it in one, didja?

Actually, I didn't mind much for two reasons:

1) The new Scouts this year are just as cute as a basket of collie pups. They want to try stuff, they want to do stuff, they want to learn, and the old bald guy knows how to do Stuff.

2) I got to play with fire and pointy things. Granted, dinner consisted of a hamburger patty and a few veg, but that's easily overlooked in the service of the Cause, especially when you know there's BBQ chicken pizza waiting in the fridge at home!
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