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The mushroom harvest is complete, Legolas

I cannot get enough sleep. My brain is trying to kill me. I cannot break plateau on my weight loss. My body is trying to kill me, too.

Anyway. after a thoroughly unremarkable week, two days of something like a life, and I slept through most of this one. This evening was the 50th anniversary party for the church that sponsors our Scout troop, so we were asked to set up and do some stuff. Somehow we got the job of running a pie throwing booth and a water balloon booth. There has been no communication, the Scout in Charge was ignoring all phone calls and emails, and I was expecting the clusterfox of a lifetime.

Well, the Scoutmaster pulled together the balloon launcher, Carol and I rigged the pie throwing booth, we went through a gallon and a half of whipping cream for the pies, the Scouts did great, the little kids had a ball, and I got a gouge in my scalp about four inches long from a tree branch. Net, positive evening.

While I was doing this, My Wife went out to SMCollege to deliver some stuff to The Boy, and take him and selected roomies out to dinner. I expect they're having fun; she's up for some, after this week's dental disasters.

Tomorrow, My Wife plans to start cleaning The Boy's room. This is going to be akin to the way Sherman 'cleaned' Atlanta back during the Civil War. I'm running out of garage to store everyone else's debris.

All my webcomic forums are down. We cannot hear the collective. We are becoming increasingly frustrated by this.

Oh, 10 meme points for recognizing the Subject line.
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