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But to Hell will I go

Found a passage that I read thirty years ago and more, from 13th century French literature, that I have been searching for off and on for years. 

`What have I to do with Paradise? I seek not to enter there, unless to be with Nicolete my most sweet friend, whom I love so much. For none go to Paradise, except only these. Those old priests go there, and old cripples, and maimed wretches, who grovel all day and all night before those altars and in those old crypts; and folk clothed in old threadbare clocks, and old rags and tatters, who are naked and barefoot and full of sores, who die of hunger and thirst and cold and misery. They go to Paradise. With them I have nothing to do, but to Hell will I go. For to Hell go the fine clerks and the fine knights, who have died in tourneys and in great wars, and the brave soldiers and the noble men. With those I will go. And there too go the fair and gracious ladies who have two or three friends besides their lord; and there go the gold and the silver, and the vair and the grey of fur, and there too go harpers and minstrels and kings of the world. With those will I go, if only I have Nicolete, my most sweet friend, with me'.

- from Aucassin et Nicolete
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