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Well, as long as I'm home on a Friday night with only the farfels, might as well take care of all the mail and cleaning and chores and stuff that's been piling up since Mick the Stone came for a visit...

The bills from the medical centers and various specialists have started to arrive; on the scale of cost-per-pound, you'd think I'd had a damn moon rock in there.  Jaysus' kneecaps, maybe I should have just have had at the damn thing with a grapefruit spoon. 

OTOH, I did a light workout today, and have sore feet but no other problems.  And two weeks of  not eating have done wonders for breaking that weight loss plateau I was bitching about.  Note to self: be careful what you ask for, some ways of receiving it are more creative than others.

Sat on an Eagle Board  Tuesday night for two interesting Scouts: both mildly learning-disabled.  Their Eagle projects were pretty basic (both of them built a table for a school), but I'm reasonably confident that the boys did the work necessary, their troops and parents didn't carry them and do the work for them.  Yes, they had help, but no one makes it to Eagle all by their lonesome.  I've had more than one Eagle candidate who obviously phoned it in, but not these two.  As I told the other Board members, if a Scout has lived up to 'On my honor I'll do my best', then I'll recommend him for his Eagle.  It felt good.

My Son has begged a boon: he and some dorm buddies are going not-so-quietly batcrap, and could use some off-campus time, in a place where the food's free, the TV's available, and there's plenty of fuzz therapy.  So tonight I cleaned the house and laid in five different types of chips and some Oreos, to prepare for the invasion. 

Off the painkillers, for good I hope.

Let the weekend begin...
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