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Satisfaction, and a knee full of napalm

Got back around 1 PM from a Boy Scout camping event.  This was a very low-key event; the site was Sugarloaf Open Space, which is deep in the heart of suburbia, so it wasn't exactly the peak of K2.  However, it was the first successful just-us-on-our-own troop campout we've had in months.  Our problem has been that we've lost the institutional memory of how to do campouts, so it was very good to see this one go well.

There are advancement requirements that the Scout have to choose a site, cook their meals, plan their menus, etc. that our boys have been held up for months, simply because we haven't been getting out.  Finally, a break, may it become a trend again amen.

The boys make some rookie mistakes; one frying pan came along, two groups wanted to cook eggs, and both groups wanted to cook enough eggs for six people.  Nothing we can't work around (you can scramble eggs in the bottom of a pot??), and they all ate well, and they learned for next time.

We had a lost child search-and-rescue drill for Emergency Preparedness; kind of a learn-as-you-go, because it's been a long time since I did this stuff. but we found Fiona!  My problem is that my knee has been inflamed for weeks, and climbing up and down the ridges has not helped at all, at all.  Overdoses of ibuprofen for a few days should help.

The very funny thing about the whole thing is that Carol Parker and I were the only two adult leaders who stayed with the kids overnight; the others went home at night or came in the morning.  And we are the only two adult leaders whose sons have gotten their Eagles and aged out of the troop; none of the parents who have boys in the troop stayed over.  We were laughing about it, but someone must have made a stink, because all the parents who came to pick up their sons were all over us thanking us for doing this when we don't have sons in the troop, etc. etc.  Guys, I don't need second-hand guilt trips, I need you to put on your walking shoes and come with us!  They're your sons, don't you have the least curiosity about what they do??  Ah well.  If I had a son in football and a daughter in soccer and one more sick at home, I wouldn't be camping on weekends either.


Oct. 1st, 2007 02:32 am (UTC)
Eggs on a campount for the terminally lazy:

Egg Beaters (eggs in a box)
Omelette innards: onions, peppers, ham, bacon, etc.
Lots of quart Ziploc freezer bags.
A pot of boiling water
A skillet.

Pour the eggs into a Ziploc. Add omelette innards. Squeeze to mix. Put that bag in another bag, and mark your name on the OUTER bag (Sharpies will bleed through one bag and color your eggs). Drop into the boiling water for five minutes.
Drop a tortilla in the fry pan, warm it up. Pull the bag out of the water (tongs), open it, drop the contents on the tortilla, wrap and eat. Cleanup = throwing out the bags and wiping down the fry pan.

The truly cleanup-averse can cook a egg in a hollowed-out orange half, but that's too weird for me.

Occaisonally, I miss having enough snow to hold Klondike Derby, but I lay down for a few minutes and it passes.

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