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I met yesterday with Jason at the Scout Office, who gave me a lot of very intelligent feedback on the canoeing adventure program I'm trying to develop. It looks like we will be able to go live with it at the January University of Scouting. Of course, it will remain to be seen if we can actually get anyone interested in participating, but according to Jason, it's the only canoeing/kayaking/rafting program he's ever heard of, so it will have the advantage of novelty.

My Wife has been utterly pwned for the last three days by a virulent head cold, but today she was able to get up and go out for lunch, so there is improvement. Happy husband! Tomorrow is a knitting-and-coffee session she has been looking forward to, and it looks like she will be able to make it.

The Box, Mark II, has been cut out and assembled (only one serious bad edge, where the saw insisted on pulling left), and I was able to reduce most of the ugly edges with just a little rasp work. For me, this is good. Tomorrow, we shall see if I can make the lid. This time for certain, as Bullwinkle would say.

We were supposed to spend today finishing up painting the troop shed (25x25 base, 15-foot peak), but no one else showed up, so I rolled paint until I ran out of the main color and called it a day's work.
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