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Speaking of Hell...

I just ordered a double-book from SFBC: Niven/Pournelle's Inferno / Escape from Hell. 

Inferno is a 20th-century update of Dante.  The Prodigals wear Gucci.  The Simonists advertise cheap Th.D  diplomas.  The guards on the River of Blood carry AK-47s.  The guys who ordered the firebombing of Dresden are with the Evil Counsellors.   It's a very disturbing, very clever, very thoughtful, and VERY depressing work, but it does provide an explanation of why there has to be a Hell at all.  I mean, yes, people did bad stuff when they were alive, but it ends.  Why torture them for all eternity for something they did in a life that didn't last more than a few decades, tops?  Where's the justice?

Given how depressing Inferno was for them to write, I can't believe they went back in Escape from Hell.  They must have had something important to say.  Should be good.
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