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that was the weekend that was

It's annoying.  Wrote out a page full of Things To Get Done This Weekend.  One of them is done.  A bunch o' jobs that weren't on the list got done, but only one list item.  Pfui.  I could have written down the other tasks, too, but it was depressingly long as it was.

yesterday, drove down to San Jose to have dinner with several other patrons of "Kevin and Kell", and Bill Holbrook himself.  Was a very good dinner, and excellent craic with good people.  Krys Taylor recognized me at the convention; I'm not exactly invisible, but in that crowd, I'm utter vanilla.  Not used to that!  Next year, if I go, I will make a large model hypoderrmic needle and tape it to my hat.

Cranked out several cartoons, including Valetine's Day and one that will never see daylight but had to be done because the only way I can get these people out of my head is to draw them.  I wonder if Charles Schulz was haunted by Snoopy during the off-hours?

The garage rats chewed open a bag of flour and trashed the pantry last week, so I took a few hours to clean everything, sort through the food and discard old stuff, and scrape the rat turds off the floor.  I put a Big Ugly Patch over the rats' favorite entry-hole, and stuffed steel wool in the holes that I couldn't cover with wood.  Let's see the little buggers chew through that.

Flying out to Boulder next weekend to visit My Daughter and Her Squeeze.  Have to dig out some real winter clothing, not just a heavier sweatshirt!

And so begins another week at the bread-and-butter factory.  Pfui.
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