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This is not a good time of day to be composing Journal entries, because this is the time of day that Bogar becomes manic. Which means that it is the worst time of day to be leaving him locked in his kennel. So much for going out in the evening. He did behave reasonably well during the day (for 25 pounds of pure entropy).

Yesterday, Thomas and his posse descended on the house. I took them all over to NYPD for carnivore pizza, then they came back to the house, watched Robin Williams and cartoons till about 8:30. It was good to have a little company.

The chicken risotto turned out decent and lasted two suppers. Today I mixed up a three-day batch of chili. Ah, the bachelor life.

Today was decent, got a fair amount of work done, cleaning the house, cleaning the side yard for the gutter crew that had damn well better be here Monday, sawing up fireplace wood, prepping materials for various Scout projects.

Kate's had to extend her stay in Texas by a week, as we expected. Neither one of us is happy about it, but that's where the need it. Her sister is, of course, ecstatic about having someone else to carry the load for a while, and I can't blame her much. But I do wonder about Atlas and Hercules.
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