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Just to get it said.

There was once a TV program, "Quincy, M.E.", starring Jack Klugman as a medical examiner. I grew to dislike the series, because he was never wrong. Never. Not once. Never a mistaken diagnosis, never an ethically questionable call. And he knew it. And he was a bully because of it. And I couldn't stand him.

Now I have House. And Grissom. And Gibbs. And whoever the hell Sam Waterston plays on "Law and Order". They're never wrong. And they're obnoxious about it in varying degrees, from Grissom's remoteness to House's aggressive overbearing superiority complex and despicable attitude.

Night after night after night. Superior, supercilious, infallible, overweening egos on parade.

Are we all that desperate for The Perfect Father Figure that we'll stand for being abused by them by proxy seven nights a week?

Sick of them. Just tired of the whole self-righteous lot of them. Hawkeye Pierce, where are you?

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