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traffic jammin'

I was driving yesterday, saw a long line in the left-turn-only lanes ahead of me; as Fortune would have it, I needed to make a left turn.  The light changed, and we inched forward, and the light went red while I was three cars back.  Now I could see that the snarl was because of two police cruisers, a lift-bed tow truck, and a Dead Vehicle in the oncoming lanes.

Just as the light cycle was about to give us our turn arrow, one of the cruisers pulls across our lane and blocks us. Curse.  The tow truck zips out, back in front of the Dead Vehicle, and the driver jumps out and starts hauling cable.  Well, we're not moving soon.  I put the truck in Park, kill the engine, and turn on the radio.

Up comes Elton John: And I think it's going to be a long, long time....

Props to the universe for a evil sense of timing.

Note 1: old lady in the front of the turn lane tries to pull an illegal U-turn, despite the cop standing right in front of her, and apparently tries to argue that the cop should move enough for her to turn.  Riiiight.

Note 2: the tow driver had his hustle on, because he had the Dead Vehicle up on the bed and rolled out before the song was over.

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