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Cut to the slow

The oven hath given up; the lower heating element is gefutzed.  I used to have ovens where the elements were plug-and-socket, but this puppy is mounted right through the back wall.  So, I need to get into the back of the oven.

Several years ago, when we had the Kitchen floors redone, the men doing the work were meticulous and precise and did a superb job.  They also put in a piece of two-and-a-half-inch kickboard which sealed off the access panel to the back of the oven.  I couldn't get the panel open, couldn't remove the kickboard without half the panelling for the island coming with it.  So I lay on my gut for two hours with a bare hacksaw blade, cutting a kerf down through the kickboard in half-inch strokes.  Fortunately, there was a joint in the kickboard not too far from the other side of the panel, so I didn't have to cut a second slice.

There are no, repeat no, consumer-servicable parts in this oven.  No matter which side you go in on.  Made an appointment with the GE repair folks, who will be out on Friday afternoon, for sufficiently large values of Friday and sufficiently wide  values of afternoon.  Feh.
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