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In other news...

My Daughter passed her orals, and is over a Major Hurdle on her way to her Chemistry PhD.


And: My Son has been awarded a grant to do a DNA research study at college over the summer. This will be original research, not just copywork. He's that smart, too.

My Wife is in Austin for the next week, taking care of her mom and eating Cajun food. Fortunately for my piece of mind, My Son is home this week on break. He's spending his glorious spring break working on take-home midterms in Chemistry and Logic. This is an a**hole thing to do to a student, to assign him work that will wipe out his entire break.

Saturday will be my first check-in at Weight Watchers, and we will see what two weeks of obsessive food logging has done for my weight. I don't get it. You're supposed to keep track of your food by its Points value, right? Then a square meal should be four Points, right? Apparently not. Ah, well, if losing weight was easy, Congress would outlaw it.

"If Karen Carpenter had eaten Mama Cass' sandwich, they'd both be alive now!"

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