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gearheads rejoice

My Son and I went into SF to see the SF Seaport Museum.  Didn't make it that far.

The Muni trams were even less reliable than normal, since it was Sunday and a big tourist holiday, so we hiked the half-hour from the BART station  to Pier 45 and back. 

We got sidetracked at the Musee Mechanique (or whatever it's called), where they have a hundred years of coin-operated arcade and amusement machines.  Execution tableaux were a little too well represented.  He beat me at Pong.

A few mechanical music makers, which were cool.


Then we really got sidetracked at the USS PAMPANITO. He was supposed to do a sleepover on it when he was in Cub Scouts, but he got sick and we never made it.  So we made up for the lost decade.

  View forward from the aft torpedo loading bay
  Battery room

A six-foot-eight Thomas and a four-foot hatchway.  Not a good fit.

  Diving Officer's station (the control room was red-lit)

Forward torpedo room, w/crew bunks

  The conning tower, from the forward torpedo loading  bay.

We also went through the USS Jeremiah O'Brien, one of the last two Liberty ships, but it wasn't as photogenic.

So, next time we'll make it the last quarter-mile to the Balaclutha
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