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Water craft

REI had a 'try it' day for their paddlesports line, free for all, two hours reserved for REI members.  When I got there, they said they hadn't brought any canoes, just kayaks.  OK, I've wanted to try kayaks.

Sit-on-top kayaks are way too unstable for large people, but they're meant for people at the beach who want to fall in the water anyway.

Tried two sit-in 'recreational' kayaks, OK but still wobbly.

Then this.


Necky Kayak's Manitou 13.  Five more minutes and I would have married it.  Good fit, good stability, nimble.  Not too sure about the cup holder, but WTF.  And kayaks don't strain your knees the way canoes do.

Also tried a day-excursion model with a little rudder that flips down on demand.  Could be very handy in windy situations, but at 15'. more than  I really need.

Came home hot, tired, badly dehydrated, was worth it.

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