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plans are for amateurs.

Well. I was expecting this to be a work-like-hell weekend.  No law against having a wrong opinion, right?

Kate was not feeling well yesterday, could barely wake up this morning.  This afternoon was the CMEA Ajudication for her middle school orchestra, the event they've been working towards all year.  SO, she went back to bed and slept  more or less until 2, and I drove her to the school.

The kids rocked.  The orchestra rated an unanimous 'Superior' from all three judges (this is damned good for a school that hasn't been to CMEA in fifteen years).  The clinician suggested some incremental tweaks, but had nothing but praise for the most part.  This is compared to some schools where the kids are out of tune, can't sit still, play poorly, play music way too easy for them, etc.  The string coach (a woman named Kate) was singled out as a major reason for the score.

So I said, "C'mon, lady, I'll buy you a steak".  We happened to drive past Forbes Mills in Danville, a steak place we had never seen before.  Decided to give it a try.  Sweet mother of mercy.  A ten-oz ribeye: I've had pancakes that were tougher.  Excellent french onion soup.  And a flourless chocoloate dessert torte dense enough to stop slow neutrons.

So, work-like-hell has been reduced to pay the bills, finish the current cartoon line, clean up a pantload of Scouting paperwork.  Not going to get much shop work done, I fear.  Tooooooo freaking bad.

Today's icon taken from last week's Twenty-First Century Fox.
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