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wrong day to give up amphetamines

So I was supposed to be up on the Klamath, canoeing on the 50-degree water.  Kate was planning to do the Livermore Highland Games.  Since I was too sick for the one, I went to the other.  This time of year, it's usually 75-80 degrees in the Livermore Valley.

It was bustin' 100 degrees at 1 PM.  There are more people in the bands than in the stands watching them.  No one's buying belts and pins and T-shirts, they're buying Gatorade.  Thank Ghod the heavy Athletics were done this morning, or we're be hauling out strong men in ambulances.  People in wool kilts and black velvet jackets are going down like minions in a Bruce Lee movie.

Kate's system folded at 1:30 PM, food and water wouldn't stay down.  I brought her home, she's OK now that she's cooled off.  I'm going to go back and support the Guild until tear-down time, then I'm packing their gear (and ours) and haulin' my pasty white butt back to home and the A/C unit.
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