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well, that was neither pleasant nor smart

I went back to the Livermore Games after making sure Kate was OK.  Got about around 3 PM.  Attendence was still pitiful, if ANY vendors made the nut this weekend, it was the people selling water and gatorade.

The security folks set up a big tarp with water misters in front of the Main stage, so people were able to listen to the bands without heatstroke. 

New wonderful band : Seven Nations.  Came all the way from Florida, ended up with an audience of about 25 people, played a great show anyway.  Amazing Grace.  Now, look, it's a wonderful spiritual melody, but it has been done to entropic death.    But Seven Nations played it the way the Brian Setzer Orchestra plays Zoot Suit Riot, with bagpipe.  That was worth hearing.

I kept chugging all afternoon, but by the time we finished packing up the Guild's gear and everyone else's, I was pushing heat exhaustion myself.  Made it home alive (obviously).  Strangely enough, a HOT shower was what felt best.  Also realized that, aside from a bowl of oatmeal and a hot dog, I hadn't eaten anything all day.  Not a Smart Move.

Yesterday's 103 degfree heat was a new record for the date.  Spiffy.

Back to work, relatively healthy for the first time in a week and a half.  Chaaaaarge....
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