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Signs of Geek

At 6 AM, there were four people lined up already outside the AT&T store, waiting for the new iPhone.  Three had camp chairs, the fourth was squatted down, banging away on his laptop.  Hope he's got a long-life battery.

And I am proud to say that I am JUST geeky enough to get today's  without peeking at Wikipedia.  Paul Erdos was one of the most prolific authors in the field of mathematics in the last century.  He also co-authored many, many papers, and among mathematicians,  to have an 'Erdos number' > 0 meant you had co-authored a paper with him.  Once he died, the Erdos number was frozen, so, if the dead come back, any REAL mathematician would drop everything to write a paper and rush it to his grave, to increment his Erdos number.  Fbomb the Second Coming and the Horsemen and all, this is IMPORTANT!  :)
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