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Dissenting opinion

For eight years, any disagreement with the official government line was not tolerated.   'Free speech zones' were set up miles away from where public figures would actually be, ensuring they would never hear any voice other than their own.  People with blue shirts weren't allowed into meetings.  If you spoke up, you could be thrown out at the least, and tasered and arrested at the worst.  Dissent was 'unpatriotic'.

Now, your party will provide you with a bus ride to a town meeting, and  where you can scream unrelentingly about your hatred, and not allow any civilized debate at all.  Because dissent is 'patriotic'.

I am beginning to seriously hate my country.   It is more important that one party be in power than the country actually succeeds.  There is no room left for any view other than the most extreme.

On the other hand...

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