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What I'm Reading: The Thousand-Mile Summer

Fifty-five years ago, a Brit named Colin Fletcher decided to get out of his apartment in San Francisco and go for a walk.  He walked California from the Mexican border to Oregon, and wrote a book that ignited the backpacking movement in America as nothing else.  Part travelogue, part environmentalist tract, part memoir, he describes the plants and bugs and animals and people along the way with the same delighted fascination.  Colin Fletcher went on to write 'The Complete Walker' series of books.  As I understand it, he was embraced by the environmentalist movement, but did not return the embrace as enthusiastically.  Too many nuts, not enough trees ;)

I found the book while I was sorting through book donations for an Eagle project; it was a gift from someone to their minister back in 1965, when it was a hot seller.  Jameson said I could keep it.  Not a bad trade for a few gallons of gas and a couple hours of driving boys around the neighborhood.

And the day started at 2:30 AM. Again.  My brain is trying to kill me.  Again.
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