sleepyjohn00 (sleepyjohn00) wrote,

The Rich Are Different

We are visiting our financial planner tomorrow, and he has made arrangements for us to stay overnight in a hotel in Palo Alto.

The hotel would be the Four Seasons Silicon Valley.


The bedroom is bigger than our family room. The BATHROOM is bigger than My Daughter's bedroom. And this is one of the Moderate rooms, not a Premier or a Suite.

In case you feel like ordering up a TV Snack, they offer popcorn, milk shakes, and a "Duck Confit and Aged Monterey Jack Quesadilla with Anise Scented Plum Sauce". $18. Now that's what I need to munch on while I'm watching football.

There are people who live like this. There are people who would consider this slumming. I may never get My Wife back into a Best Western.

We can't stop laughing. We have been in this room for an hour, and we just keep alternating between astonishment and laughter.

I am terrified to use the commode.

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