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Weekend Impossible

You know that Food Network show where this chef gets a sealed-envelope assignment and finds he needs to create a buffet for a black-tie dinner of the American Nitpickers Association, he has three hours, four workers who only speak Croatian, a budget of two Muni bus passes, and a spork?

At least they give him a spork.

I'm running kitchen for a training weekend up at a Council camp. They just did a massive renovation of the main lodge as a training facility, just had a big open-house party a week ago, should be a cool place to work, no?

Well, I found out yesterday that they didn't actually get around to renovating the kitchen. They pulled all the old gear out and stuck it in a warehouse somewhere. I have one table, a sink, and a convection oven. I may have a refrigerator. No stove, no utensils, no coffeemaker, no serverware, no cleaning materials. Oh, and don't mark up the new floors.

Last time, they gave me a site where there wasn't even a kitchen.

Six months later, the students won't remember details of travel permits, or fuel storage safety, or compass declination, but they'll remember if the coffee sucked.

They pull this shite again, they're getting a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter and a sign that says "EAT IT".
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