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A Slashdot thread is debating "what happened to the IT profession?  We used to get The New Toys, now it's all drudgework for MBAs'"

One response:

Ain't that the truth. When I first started work here, I thought it'd be really exciting, a way to be part of something big. But every day, it's just the same, "Where's my Death Ray command server?" this, "My patience grows thin!" that, "If I don't have my Death Ray command server up by midnight, I shall unleash my pretties upon you!", and on and on. Well, gee, Mr. Big Shot, perhaps if you didn't build the server room deep inside a freaking ACTIVE VOLCANO, perhaps we wouldn't have so many overheating issues.

There's just no respect in this industry.

Yup yup yup.  What he said.

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