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Gracie and favor

We have a new rescue dog in the house.

Gracie is a ten-year-old mix of some varieties of hound.  She has huge paws, but only weighs about 70 pounds.  Her face is more scenthound than sighthound.  At some time, she had a ankle(?) injury that left her with a significant limp.  She spent several years as a blood donor dog, which sounds better than it was. apparently she spent all her time in her kennel if she was not being bled.

Gracie is very tentative so far, taking a while to acknowledge people and situations.  After several hours, she has settled down on a dog bed with a squeaky toy.  But Buddy accepts her, which is critical.  When she was being introduced to the back yard, Buddy tried to chase her around for play.  She thought it was serious, and hid behind My Wife.  It may take her a while to learn to play.
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