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That's the key to it all.

We had a three-hour session with the local chap from BarkBusters. We talked about Bogey's behaviour, and learned a LOT about the way a dog looks at the world. A lot of Bogar's problems seem to stem from two issues:

1) He thinks he's the lead dog, and he's stressed out because he knows he's too young for the job;
2) massive separation anxiety.

The BarkBuster guy took us through some basic drills (no shock collar, no prods, nothing dangerous or damaging). The basic correction, when he's doing something, is to sharply growl BAH! at him, and if available, throw a small beanbag full of chain-link on the ground NEAR him, or slap the table sharply (not hit him). He interprets this as being snapped at, which is a sharp correction but not a fight. And then when he does something right, IMMEDIATELY praise him in a sing-song voice, which is an approval. Above all, let him know that he is going to start being submissive right the F NOW!

And it bloody well works. We got him to stop jumping on us. We got him to stop counter-surfing. Granted, it's only one night, and we have to keep on him every day all the time until he gets the idea firmly in his little flat head, but it's working.

We'll work on the separation anxiety a little at a time.

All hail BarkBusters. Kids, if you got a problem pooch, give them a call.
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