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No remorse, no mercy

Just to join in the thrashing:

The Washington Sniper went to his death unrepentant.  He appeared to be pissed off that he had been stopped, and being dead was interrupting his plans.  Screw him. 

A Congrsmn from Louisiana is facing 32 years in prison for decades of taking bribes and peddling inflluence, and people are saying that's too harsh a sentence.  Where would his people have been if he had done his job honestly?  A massive betrayal of trust should bring about a massive penalty.  Maybe the next guy will think twice before he meets with the lobbyists and their big envelopes.

I'm no theologian, and there are way too many people and books and oracles and smoke readers who want to tell me what's right. Here's my simple philosophy:

1) Don't f*ck up your world, and that includes the people on it.
2) If you do f*ck up, accidentally or deliberately, face up to it that you did something wrong, don't try to make excuses or blame someone else for your actions.
3) Once you've acknowledged that you've f*cked up, do something to repair the damage you've done.  If it takes everything you've got, then that's how much your soul is worth.
4) If you can't deal with #3, then don't whine when the people around you decide you're too dangerous to be allowed to be part of us any more.

I believe there is room for remorse and repentance and mercy, but only after step 2 and 3 have been accomplished.   Evangelists who bilk millions from their flocks, cry about it on TV, then announce that Jesus has forgiven them and go right on with their empires should be stripped of their positions, their flocks, their Bibles, and maybe their shoes.

Anyway, go read CNN and find out who's getting off scot-free with a billion today.   There's bound to be someone.
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