sleepyjohn00 (sleepyjohn00) wrote,

Oops x 2

OK, maybe I have to recant two rants at once.

The Salvation Army: Jennifer Byrd sez, "As The Salvation Army's National Public Relations Director, I wanted to inform you that the original Houston Chronicle story was a bit misleading in how it portrayed the use of social security numbers and ID by The Salvation Army in Houston to register people in need. In actuality, no program run by The Salvation Army at a national or local level requires the recipient of services to present documentation that verifies they are a U.S. citizen."
Apparently they're trying to prevent double-dipping, people registering at multiple locations and selling the stuff they get. Which is pretty frickin' low.

And LJ was doing maintenance that blanked out my icons.

Just to distract you: in the news today: A family of four returning from Hawaii last week was killed by a kid running a red light. Think that's bad? Two bottomfeeders read about it, looked up the family's address, ransacked the family's house and stole their car. *headshake*
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