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Stormbringer, the film that never was

OK, I was a heavy Elric reader in my college years. I finally got tired of The Eternal Champion recycling the same self-pitying theme and ideas through book after book after book, and went off looking for something a little lighter. Moorcock got back to Elric in the last decade or so, with 'The Fortress of the Pearl' and I've poked at the body of work a few times since then.

This brings back some serious nostalgia for those old DAW paperbacks and the Frazetta and Whelan covers:

Law and Chaos Wendy Pini's art for a Stormbringer movie that was her obsession for four years of art college. I'm not entirely happy with her vision (as opposed to my own), but I would have liked her "Stormbringer" a hell of a lot more than I liked the Rankin-Bass "The Last Unicorn".
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