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Monsters of Webcomics

The Cartoon Art Museum had a big exhibit today, the "Monsters of Webcomics". True to form, today was the most miserable weather possible, and only the most hard-core fans made it; when scifiguytr and I were there, the artists just about outnumbered the fans. It's a damn shame, every time APE or the CAM or some other comics/graphics conference or show goes up, the weather in San Francisco is dogmeat.

The main reason we went was to meet shaenon Shaenon Garrity, creator of Narbonic and artist of Skin Horse. I was already thinking of going, but, as I mentioned earlier, Skin Horse is running a 'Lurch for the Cure' series

Lurch for the Cure. It's brilliant. I even made up a Lurch for the Cure 2010 T-shirt design and sent it to her. She liked it!

Well, I had the design, why not lose the rest of my mind? I made up three T's, one for me, one for T, and one for Ms. Garrity. She seemed pleased, if nonplussed at the two large strange people in her booth, (she is even cuter in person than her self-portrait sketches would suggest), and drew a sketch of UNITY wearing a Lurch T-Shirt in my new 'Skin Horse' Volume 1 book.

It's a tiny mark to make on the world of webcomics, but it's mine.
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