sleepyjohn00 (sleepyjohn00) wrote,

My big mouth, and nose likewise

Well, I told Ocean's Edge there were two ways I stayed awake all night: brain won't sleep, and The Hour of the Wolf. I had forgotten the purely mechanical problem of plugged sinuses, which prevent me from using my CPAP machine to breathe. So, for the next hour or so until the sinuses drain, I am sentenced to midnight sleeplessness. With reveille coming at 4:40 AM, this is not a trivial problem. Such is the penalty of hubris. At least I can connect to work and clear off some of the tasks that have come in.

My Daughter came home today for a vacation week, and we met up with My Son and his college buddies for a shoal of sushi over at Momoyama. They are good people, with acceptably twisted and geeky outlook on the world, so it was a fun evening, until My Wife noticed all the people waiting for a table who were glaring at us.
Tags: sushi sinuses sleep cpap

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