sleepyjohn00 (sleepyjohn00) wrote,

That explains SO MUCH... defines Author's Saving Throw thus:

An especially brave idea is set forth to turn a character on his head and change the status quo in a big way... and the fans revolt. The writer then does a retcon which seems openly apologetic. This is the saving throw. It assures the fans that the character either was not in control of his actions, or he was actually a Doombot, or events were not as they seemed.

Later on, in the list of examples of AST, such as Holmes going over the waterfall (no he didn't), is this:

Jesus... From The Bible... Word Of God says he was trying to fix a Character Derailment, but it resulted in just as much backlash as before.

OTOH, once they went through that,  The Bible: New Testament  built a much bigger fanbase than The Bible: Old Testament  ever got.  The Saving Throw must have worked.
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