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morning is broken

...feet are cold...

... waking up enough to realize feet are cold...

... waking up more and realizing the blanket got kicked off...

... waking up more and realizing how cold the rest of me is...

... waking up more and realizing that I wil not get back to sleep if I'm cold...

... waking up more to summon the willpower to abandon the one side that is still warm...

... waking up enough to grab the Christbitten blanket,  shuffle it to find the corners, and flinging it over the bed...

... curling up...

... realising that the blanket is sideways, and my feet are uncovered and still cold..

... putting on a pair of sox and getting up, realizing that I'm down 0-1 on the day, and I haven't even left the mattress yet.

Annoyed at browsers

The only browser that lets me post on LJ any more is IE.  Firefox and Safari will browse, but they won't let me enter entries or comment on other peoples'.

This is akin to not having electricity in the shop, and instead of using the table saw or the chop saw, getting out a stone axe

Plus, whatever malware the .ru sites are using are dropping random characters.

I hope this works, it's a link to a Facebook page with a video that I can't link directly:



Fortune teller

What if a fortune teller wasn't someone who told you your future?

A fortune teller works at the front desk of a Fortune Bank.  People bring in lives, destinities, wasted afternoons, and they go into the vault, where they gain interest.  When something gets interesting enough, people come back and take it back out, with the interest, and go do something interesting.

Who owns the bank?

Who robs it?

What are the Safe Deposits?

What happens to bankruptcies?

Almost makes me wish I was creative again.

What could go wrong?

Posted 12/2012:  my job isn't in jeopardy (any more than anyone else's),

Laid off by IBM: 7/2013.

Moral of the story: your job is always in jeopardy.

First post in over a year.  Trying to decide if it's worth double-posting here and FB.

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